An anthology of texts hatched at the Jornadas Cantianas.

A journey of serendipitous discovery around and about an unique author, Paulo de Cantos,
a future classic.


António Silveira Gomes is a guest speaker at AGI-OPEN Hong-Kong 2012 next monday 24 september. It’s a big honour to be in the same programme as Adrian Shaughnessy, Alvin Chan, Andrew Ashton, Anukam Edward Opara, Dean Poole, Hung Lam, Jiang Hua, José Albergaria, Kan Tai Keung, Marian Bantjes, Oded Ezer, Paula Scher, René Knip, Rik Bas Backer, Sascha Lobe, Sean Perkins, Tommy Li, Tony Brook, Vince Frost, Wang Xu Wang, Yue Fei, Weisbeck Markus, among others.

On the 29th of September he´ll be talking at the China Art Academy in Hangzhou with Change is Good (José Albergaria+Rik Bas Backer).

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The Jornadas is a series of debates dedicated to under-researched figures that are widely unknown. Expandable to diverse areas of knowledge in arts and publishing circles advancing through to experimental film.
This first cycle of debates is called “Cantiana” [as in Cantos, (in Portuguese Cantos is a paronym meaning “corner” and / or “epic poem”)]. It is dedicated to Paulo de Cantos, an illustrious lover of books, acrostics and typography. A schoolmaster and gerontologist who self-published an incredible array of awkward publications between 1920s and 1950s. He is widely known only in Portuguese Bibliofile circles yet no one, so far, has ever “pinned him down”.
The two days of debates will use his publications as a starting point, here invited speakers will openly present first-hand empathies, analogies and possible references from their cultural and intellectual universe. For the first time we will exhaustively present most of his work in one exhibition in an attempt to address the main chimeras and motivations. The editions will be under scrutiny together with other analogous works some related directly to the invited speakers. As a biographic extension one can also view the authors epistolar material, original drawings and mockups amongst other ludo-documental objects.

The invited speakers are: Massin, Robin Fior, Olga Pombo, Jan Middendorp, Uta & Thilo Von Debschitz. The moderators are: Luisa Barreto, Mário Moura e Paulo do Vale.


A collaborative project by Filipa Ramos and António Contador based upon the collection of projects that never came to be. A letter was sent to several friends, acquaintances and some admired individuals — inviting them to share an unacomplished project. The ongoing collection of these contributions is thus becoming an anthology of non‑pursued thoughts. Each of them will now be publicly opened one by one and displayed in an event that will take place on the evening of the 17th of June 2011, from 6 pm onwards, at the barber shop, in Lisbon.José Albergaria (change is good), Claudia Castelo and António Silveira Gomes (barbara says), will be producing a simultaneous catalogue of the project.

The Barber shop


António Silveira Gomes (barbara says) is one of the new 26 members of AGI — Alliance Graphique Internacionale. AGI is a club of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers, founded in 1951.

Last October the AGI annual meeting was held in Oporto hosted and organized by R2 (Respect for the amazing task!). There was a two-day conference and workshops, and a meeting were the new members were selected. This year, 26 new members were admitted from a range of 53 candidates. Our good friend and ex-partner José Albergaria from Change is Good, and his partner Rick Bas Backer, were also admitted as members.

We are very pleased and honored to be part of such a selective group.

We want to thank our clients, collaborators and friends.


We were invited as animators of the “Étudiants tous à chaumont Workshops” at the 21º festival de l’affiche et du graphisme. Every year the organization of this event hosts various professionals and teachers to the theme based workshops. This years worthy “staff” of animators was: The powertrio from lausanne Violéne, Patch and Cedric of Happypets, from mexico city Alejandro Magallanes, the russian Igor Gurovich, from paris Alexandre Dimos (De valence) and from marseille Brice Domingues, the incredible Karel Martens and myself. Split between 7 highschool classrooms each student had to answer the question “Le graphisme qu’est-ce que c’est?” in the shape of an 80×60 poster. No computers or internet allowed only paper, glue, scissors, markers, x-acto knives and xerography. The workshop was overshadowed by the problem of the larger edition of the “call for entries” where 1200 proposals to the same question had been “flunked” by the jury due to a generalized lack of quality. In a controversial manner the juri decided to show unilaterally every single proposal regardless of their lack of quality. The week was quite intense, but in the end the results were surprising for everyone. One of my students, Pierre Martin from ESAD Amiens, obtained 3rd place (ex-aequo) with his poster. ASG


Back in the nineties there weren’t many Graphic design magazines. Communication Arts was one of my favorites. I didn´t have enough money to buy it so I would flip through it on the newstand, and then put it back and walk away. This month I got one for free in my postbox with an article about portuguese graphic design featuring our work alongside other great national projects. Thank you Robert L. Peters. ASG


Our work and a Q&A regarding Graphic Design has been published in this special issue of IDEA Magazine Japan.