Is the name of a gypsy commune founded by a family – The Monteiros – that bought a plot of land near Sanguedo, Santa Maria da Feira. They set permanent camp at this location thus interrupting their nomadic nature.
The film director, Marco Martins invited us to create the visual identity for a collaborative cine-theatrical street performance that would take place in this commune. The event had various participants such as coreographers, actors and vídeo artists and was integrated in a street performance festival.
The contents were quite powerful: incredible photography and uncanny poetic vídeos that revealed the cultural autonomy of the community – the people. For the web site we decided to emphasize the visual richness of the commune by combining various portraits and interiors with a naive lettering culled from the walls of the precarious housing.
The catologue is very site specific, so we integrated a programe in the form of a map. The central image of the unfolded cover is a genealogical tree arranged in a wheel structure re-appropriated from the Romani ethnic group flag. This idea of autonomy is reinforced by the chakra shaped tree in a back drop of sky and land. Thus revealing one of the many geographic origins – Índia.

Art Direction and production:
António Silveira Gomes, Claudia Castelo.
Graphic Designers: António Silveira Gomes, Patrícia Maya e Alexandre Castro (web).
Printing: Maiadouro

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The event 28/05/2010 (photo:Homem Árvore)