EXD 09

Proposal for the rehabilitation project of Santos garden in Lisbon.

Drawing upon “tree carving”, this intervention forsees inscriptions painted on the tree´s bark by using a mixture of iron phosphate and calcium oxide (materials commonly used in horticulture to protect the tree´s bark). The contents include, information about the tree, simple orientations or fragments of visual poetry.
The tattoo artist is a Modern Shaman, a protective divinity and an ally to the tree nymphs, (The Hamadryads); by casting a spell he helps protect the tree with an inscription. Whoever harms this tree is cursed.

Project coordination: Experimenta Design
Landscape architecture: João Gomes da Silva
Product design: Fernando Brízio, Pedrita
Sound design: Rui Gato
Lighting: José Álvaro Correia
Graphic design: António Silveira Gomes (barbara says)

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Tree Carving on a Populus Alva Tree