Galeria zdb

French Invasions, Part II. After a first exhibition at the Zé dos Bois gallery by a group of French artists, this second wave occupied the bulky building from a XVII century prison cum fish conserves manufacturer in the area of Santos, Lisbon. This became at one time the exhibition space, the artists’ residency and clubhouse. The graphic project reflects this experience: an art and life orgy.

Curator: ZDB (Francisca Bagulho)
Artists: Delphine Reist, Sébastien Perroud, Laurent Faulon, Matttia Denisse, Gaelle Rouarda + Etienne Caire, Anne Julie Rollet + Mathieu Werchowski
Graphic design: António Silveira Gomes and Nuno Horta Santos

Produced materials: posters and catalogue

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