Galeria zdb

A collective art show that stood out as a political response to the impact of the Expo’98 World Fair that was taking place in Lisbon. Issues such as identity crisis, human rights, freedom of expression, unemployment, war, racism and social exclusion under discussion by 20 young artists. Paulo Mendes, Filipa César, António de Sousa, Inês Carolina, Paulo Scavullo, Tiago Batista, Rui Toscano, Miguel Soares, Alexandre Estrela, Miguel Palma, Ruy Otero, Pedro Amaral, Rita Ferrão, Patrícia Garrido, Heitor Fonseca, Marina Reker, Eva Mota, António Nascimento, Ana Pinto.

Curators: Carlos Roque, Pedro Cabral Santo
Graphic design: José Albergaria, Nuno Horta Santos, António Silveira Gomes

Produced materials: Catalogue/brochure

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