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2001 was, at one time, the highest peak and the beginning of the downfall for flirt. Some of the issues were thematic, some were not. Maturity set in, in a project that was condemn to be adolescent forever.
One of the issues was dedicated to abandoned houses cum squats, with a how-to-guide by bone fide squatters, a text exploring the artistic takeover of the Tercenas do Marquês building, and yet another article that remains up-to-date (8 years after being written), on the empty houses and apartments in Lisbon.
Also: Angela Davis; interview with Kalle Lasn (editor for Adbusters), the republishing of the “First Things Firts” manifesto, Critical Art Ensemble, Manuel de Landa, Geert Lovink and Negative Land.

Editor: Cláudia Castelo and Pedro Ornelas
Flirt’s hardcore: António Pocinho, Gilberto Gouveia, Pedro Moura, Mário Cameira, Francisca Bagulho, Natxo Checa, Manuel Henriques, Kika, José António Moura, Pedro Santos, Nuno Carvalho, Sofia Oliveira
Graphic design: António Silveira Gomes, Nuno Horta Santos and José Albergaria

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