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Now in a smaller format and put out every three months, Flirt begins to experiment with theme issues: Conspiracy, with a key text by António Pocinho called “The heretics of AIDS”; Paranormal phenomenon, discussing David Hoffos’s work and Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy; Tourism and leisure: an interview with Angolan curator/artist Fernando Alvim and a fiction about Trafaria. In other issues, Jack Smith vs. Pokémon vs. Isabel Carvalho.

Editor: Cláudia Castelo
Flirt’s hardcore: António Pocinho, Gilberto Gouveia, Pedro Moura, Mário Cameira, Francisca Bagulho, Natxo Checa, Manuel Henriques, Kika, José António Moura, Pedro Santos, Nuno Carvalho, Susana Pomba
Graphic design: António Silveira Gomes, Nuno Horta Santos and José Albergaria

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