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With a goodby to the Escudos and a hello to the Euro, Flirt kept on its conqueror’s stance, although it become even more engagé where national cultural politics were concerned: publishing a wide-ranging survey on the production and the financial backing policies of contemporary art; the strikers António Pocinho and Gilberto Gouveia maintained also their positions; two of the best “Ócios” ever were created in this era: one on the best WCs and the other on the best zones for quick lays (cars, hidden corners, etc., by Pedro Moura) in Lisbon; also, a series of chronicles about Portuguese cities who were green with jealousy for not having a Flirt of their own, written by their better hosts: JP Simões (Coimbra), Pedro Mesquita (Porto), Alberto Pereira and Miguel Calvete (Caldas da Rainha), Alexandre Pascoal (Ponta Delgada); Braga (Zé Bernardo); Tavira (Vítor Pomar).

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