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“Flirt is: a fax machine, a computer and a camper van”. That’s what the editorial for its fist issue (no. 0) stated. Flirt was an editorial project that brought together Zé dos bois gallery and Barbara says and that lasted for 27 issues. In the years of plenty and with Expo’98 then just around the corner, Flirt acted as a sort of pièce de résistance for the underground, a proof that there was still some cultural life at the other end of the city.
The first six issues, a classic of both graphic design and national journalism, had marvelous sections such as “The greatnesses and miseries that made up the 20th century”, a series of chronicles written by António Pocinho, mostly about recreational drugs, as the TV or the automobile; a central pages poster featuring non-dirty pictures, by contemporary artists (Alexandre Estrela, Rui Toscano, Fernando José Pereira + Miguel Leal, Rigo 23, Miguel Leal) ; the classical section “Ócios” (“Leisurely time”); and selected guides on apparently unexpected subjects, such as the best wino bars in town (by Gilberto Gouveia), how to shop around Martim Moniz, the best cheap shoe stores and the best foot doctors in the city.

Editor: Cláudia Castelo
Flirt’s hardcore: António Pocinho, Gilberto Gouveia, Pedro Moura, Mário Cameira, Francisca Bagulho, Natxo Checa, Manuel Henriques, Kika, José António Moura, Pedro Santos, Nuno Carvalho
Graphic design: António Silveira Gomes, Nuno Horta Santos and José Albergaria

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