Southern Exposure - San Francisco

Go to Frisco. This is an appropriately inappropriate title – the people of San Francisco simply abhor the word “Frisco” and only uncool outsiders use it still – but it just fits like a glove this whole project: a platform to present peripheral cities’ non-profit, artist-run spaces alternative to the largest art production centres, such as The Physics Room (Christchurch – New Zealand), IT Park (Taipei – China), YYZ Artists Outlet (Toronto – Canada), and Zé dos Bois (Lisbon, Portugal).

For the exhibition presented at the Southern Exposure, Zé dos Bois explored the geographical affinities of Lisbon and San Francisco by taking to that also hilly city a video observatory, a zdbmüzique à la carte and a handful of specifically produced net-art projects, with one a day presentation. The main image, used for the posters and the site, is a homage to/quote of/appropriation from Portuguese master designer Sebastião Rodrigues with a little sprinkle from Victor Moscoso-inspired West Coast psychadelia.

Conception and production: ZDB (Cláudia Castelo, Manuel Henriques and Francisca Bagulho)
Tiago Borges
Graphic project:
António Silveira e Nuno Horta Santos
San Francisco/Lisbon ambassdor:
Rigo 23
Emily Sevier and Mike Arcega

Produced materials: poster and site

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