Oporto is a studio and a non-profit screening room located in Lisboa. Occupying the former Merchant Sailors Union headquarters, Oporto presents from time to time a single unique experimental video or film. The space is directed by artist Alexandre Estrela, in cooperation with ourselves and artist Miguel Soares. The screenprinted posters are created specifically for the invited artists and galerists and are also sold at each venue. The flyers are produced in various media from offset printing, fotocopies, letterpress and Riso Print Gocco.

Darragh Reeves (UK), Patrick Jolley and Reynold Reynolds (US), Peter Wiehl (US), Lutz Mommartz (DE)

Curator: Alexandre Estrela
Graphic Design:
António Silveira Gomes
Mike Goes West

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Poster - Daragh Reeves