Museu do Chiado

Movement and optics. These were the key-concepts taken from Kinetic Art. The catalogue’s cover has an engraving in holographic film, which forces you to rotate the book in order to read the title; diverse papers were used, creating tactile transitions for each concept chapter; a typographic interpretation of the Manifesto Jaune, Kinetic Art’s own manifesto, was done in an “almost” facsimile which forced the reader to turn it around in all directions in order to read it; lastly, the grid, the format and the very proportions were elaborated according to a reinterpretation of the principles set by Karl Gerstner (one of the artists represented by the exhibition).

Art direction: António Silveira Gomes (designer) and Cláudia Castelo (project manager)
Graphic designer: Patrícia Maya

Produced materials: catalogue, invitation and exhibition signs

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