Teatro Praga

Attention! This is not a programme, but rather a publication created for the collective actions of the neo-fake artists from Teatro Praga. Each issue pretends to establish a parallel between the texts, the performance experiences and the very specific traits of each play. This publication is sold at the entrance of the venues where the shows take place, during intervals, in a small, improvised “kissing stall” sort of thing.
Props 1 and 2 were published together for the play entitled Demo. The first comprehended a series of texts related to the play, similar to the classical Al Jafee’s Mad fold-ins, and with a insert of spam ads. The second is a inside out magazine with the portfolios of 4 artists involved in the show: Gabriel Abrantes, Pedro Lourenço, Vasco Araújo and Kevin Blechdom.

Editor: Susana Pomba
Art direction: António Silveira Gomes (designer) and Cláudia Castelo (project manager)
Graphic designers and spam collectors: Patrícia Maya and Alexandre Castro

Produced materials: publication and brochure

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Props #1 - Cover