Ministério da Cultura - IPPAR (Instituto Português do Patromónio Arquitectónico)

A contemporary art exhibition commemorating the 600th aniversary of a well known portuguese love tragedy. “The name engraved in thy bosom” derives from the 1572 Luís Vaz de Camões’ epic poem “Os Lusíadas” (“The Lusiads”), from the section evoking the tragic love of Inês and King Pedro I of Portugal. The catalogue’s typography, materials and colours make reference to the local Portuguese traditional popular confectionery, creating a recognizable iconography. An additional reference is made to the epistolography of the two lovers by mimicking the envelope lining patterns on the book’s inner dustjacket.

Curator: Alexandre Melo
Art director and designer: António Silveira Gomes

Produced materials: catalogue, invitation and sticker

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Cover - Dust jacket (off-set)