Marta Wengorovius

Book jacket design for “Um, Dois e Muitos” — a self-contained drop-library with 60 different books selected by 20 people invited by the artist Marta Wengorovius. The proposal comprised of creating a book loan system and identity. Inspired by the famous Burda pattern templates we devised a 60-in-one blueprint poster to cut out and line each book. Simultaneously the template sheet worked as a library catalog.

Art direction: António Silveira Gomes
Production: Cláudia Castelo
Graphic Designers:
António Silveira Gomes com Mariana Veloso e Carlos Trancoso
Print production:
Photos: Mariana Veloso
Dates: October 2012(Concept) – January 2013 (Guimarães) – Sep/Nov 2013(Lisbon)

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