Mattia Denisse

Right After the Comma (english version)

As a child while playing in his father’s old trailer, young Mattia Denisse imagined an heroic voyage that would span four regions of the globe: Lisbon, the Cape Verde Archipelago, Amazonia, and the Namib Desert. Between 2009-11 the artist Mattia Denisse (b.1968) now residing in Lisbon journeyed between these regions revisiting his childhood imaginary voyage and producing a number of drawings and philosophical reflexions. By crossing his thoughts with literary giants such as Balzac, Victor Hugo, Fernando Pessoa, René Daumal, Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Bolaño and others. Denisse came up with Right After the Comma, a probing travel book, a narrative laden with bibliographical references, captions, comments and various forms of footnotes that required a very specific vis-à-vis approach to the conventional text/image dualism.

Most of the groundwork with the artist was based on a collaborative process, sharing foster admiration for the Dicionaire Historique et Critique, a precursor of the first encyclopaedias. Published in the end of the seventeenth century by French Philosopher Pierre Bayle, this book was composed in a compact layout, a single or double column, justified text and dozens of left weighted footnotes compressed into its page margins. Like most encyclopaedias it is fragmented, almost hypertextual. Seemingly, Mattias’ text had footnotes and three more possible reading levels, namely metafootnotes and meta-metafootnotes and Bibliographical comments. The structure of the narrative, being essentially linear, was constantly being challenged by these paratextual aspects, escape hatches and contemplative meandering passages.

Right after the Comma starts where Mount Analogue ends, an incomplete masterpiece about an epic non-voyage to a mythical island, written by French philosopher Rene Daumal. This author tragically died, leaving the original script in mid-chapter, ending in a mysterious comma.

Author: Mattia Denisse
Wedge Gothic & Jannon serif & Sans Serif.
Art Direction:
António Silveira Gomes
Barbara says… (Claudia Castelo and António Silveira Gomes) Lígia Afonso and Mattia Denisse
Graphic Designers:
António Silveira Gomes and Patrícia Maya

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