Jornadas is a series of debates dedicated to under-researched figures that are widely unknown. It is a event celebrating design-research and it is expandable to diverse areas of knowledge, yet it began with publishing arts circles.

This first edition was called “Cantiana” [as in Cantos, (in Portuguese Cantos is a paronym meaning both “corner” and / or “epic poem, it can also be confused with the illuminist philosopher Emmanuel Kant”)]. Ultimately it is dedicated to Paulo de Cantos (1892-1979), an illustrious lover of books, wild acrostics and crazy typography, a schoolmaster and gerontologist who self-published an incredible array of awkward publications between 1920s and 1950s. He is known only in Portuguese Bibliophile circles and, as of yet, no one has ever actually “pinned him down”.

The two days of debates used his publications as a starting point, around which guest speakers openly presented first-hand empathies, analogies and possible references from their cultural and intellectual universes. For the first time, his work was presented in an exhibition, in an attempt to address the authors main chimeras and motivations. The editions were under scrutiny together with other analogous works, some of which directly relate to the invited speakers. As a biographic extension, on display were the author’s epistolary material, original drawings and mockups, amongst other documental objects.


Invited Speakers: Olga Pombo, Massin, Jan Middendorp, Uta & Thilo Von Debschitz
Barbara says…
Art Direction:
António Silveira Gomes, Cláudia Castelo and Alexandre Estrela
Editing and Research:
António Silveira Gomes, Filipa Cordeiro
Filipa Cordeiro
António Silveira Gomes, Patrícia Maya, Mariana Veloso and Alexandre Castro (web)
Inês Milagres

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