Poster triptych designed for an apartment installation in lisbon.
The Ritz Club was a mythical nightspot for the Lisbon Bohemian crowd. Found at Rua da Glória (approximately 20 meters from the aforementioned apartment block), it began as a cabaret during the old regime. After the Revolution in 1974, it became one of the most eclectic spaces in the city, featuring pop/rock, jazz, Portuguese and African music concerts. The Ritz club has been closed since 2000 for refurbishing.
This series of fictitious posters aim to evoke the memory of such a place, within the framework of Lisbonaire/Experimentadesign.

Client: Lisbonaire/Experimenta design
Graphic Design: António Silveira Gomes, Claudia Castelo
Foto creds: (cc) ottoman lego by dunechaser; tesselation
by origamijoel, particle Mask by Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer
Text: Portuguese translation exerpt of Lewis Carrol’s poem – “Jabberwocky” by Augusto de Campos.
Screenprinting: Mike Goes West
Poster man: Gustavo Sumpta

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